Bronwen Lewis fails on The Voice 2013 despite haunting Welsh ‘Fields Of Gold’

19 year old art student Bronwen Lewis was one of the final few blind auditions fighting for the last spots on either Team Jessie or Team Will on The Voice U.K. The show gave away very little about her before she performed, but we learned all we needed to know from her cover of Sting’s Fields Of Gold.

Bronwen gave a haunting, slowed-down acoustic version of the song that was all her own. Other singers have tried changing up classic songs tonight on The Voice, but none have been remotely as successful as Bronwen. One of the most accomplished, poignant performances of the night. And guess what?
Not one single coach turned for her.Bronwen Lewis on the Voice

The disappointment in Danny O’Donoghue and Tom Jones’s faces spoke volumes. Both had already filled their teams and were regretting not being able to snap Bronwen up. We were devastated. Will and Jessie both looked sheepish as they turned to face Bronwen.

Danny O’Donoghue: I don’t want the fact that nobody turned around to be any reflection on your talent. You have an incredible voice. I’m actually mad at them for not turning around. I don’t know why you didn’t turn around. Please, can you explain to me?

Will.I.Am: The team that I have is very very very diverse. I don’t know what to call what I just heard, but it was very enchanting, haunting. I have a singer like that, and I’m the only one who turned for her and I’m going to fight for her. I promised myself that I’m not going to get two of the same. That’s the only reason why I didn’t turn around.

Tom and Danny finished the segment by lamenting the fact that they’d filled their teams too quickly and couldn’t catch amazing talent like Bronwen. Tell you what, they should write a song about it. I’m sure that’ll help…


The Voice judges rebuff Bronwen's Welsh Sting song - but she vows to carry on

Bronwen Lewis, from Seven Sisters, told WalesOnline she had no intention of giving up on her mission to bring Welsh to a wider audience despite not progressing on BBC One's The Voice talent show.

A young singer has vowed to bring Welsh language to mainstream music after she narrowly missed out on progressing to the next stage of The Voice.

Bronwen Lewis, from Seven Sisters, Neath Port Talbot, tonight took to the stage to sing a rousing rendition of Sting’s Fields of Gold – complete with a Welsh language verse.

The 19-year-old dazzled judges of the BBC talent show with her powerful rendition of the song that she had translated into Welsh.Neath

But despite the overwhelmingly positive reaction from the Tom Jones, Jessie J, and Danny O’Donoghue, Bronwen was not selected for any of their teams.

With Jones and O’Donoghue’s teams full, the singer was given bittersweet news by Jessie J and when they told her she did not need the talent show to get into the music business, with this one performance alone bound to attract record companies.

Speaking after the programme, she told WalesOnline: “He (Tom Jones) said it was lovely, but unfortunately he didn’t have any room on his team. Danny said if I had space I would have turned around and she (Jessie J) told me that I didn’t really need the show to have a career.”

“I just stood up, smiled through it and I think by leaving on a positive note, you leave a way for people to look you up and give you a shot.”

A first-generation Welsh speaker, Bronwen studied at Ysgol Gyfun Ystalyfera and said that her parents encouragement to learn the native language has given her an everlasting passion for the country’s heritage.

And after the disappointment of not going through to the next round, she takes comfort in knowing she was able to put her Welsh heritage at centre stage for the evening, hoping she can continue to do so in the future.

“I think it’s genuinely a start of something. I’ve been talking to a few record labels,” she added.

Currently studying a foundation degree in Art at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, Bronwen said: “I think more Welsh music needs to be sung on television and I think it needs to be more accessible to people my age.”

With her mind now focused on releasing her own CD she said: “Hopefully I can get some Welsh language on the radio.

“Sitting in the car and hearing some Welsh language on the radio one day – it would just be a massive achievement for me."




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